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Pentair Variable Speed Pump $1200 After Rebate*

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*After $100 APS/SRP rebate

HydroBlue Pools is proud to offer a complete line of variable speed swimming pool pumps by Pentair & Hayward.  These pumps represent state-of-the-art technology, utilizing permanent magnet syncronous motor design (PMSM). This PMSM design is the same technology used in today’s hybrid vehicles.

In the past, pool pumps were only capable of one speed regardless of the actual filtration needs of the pool. The new variable speed design allows the water to be slowed through the plumbing system and the pump to be custom set to the actual hydraulic needs of the pool.

A few things happen that result in some terrific benefits at these slower speeds. First, the slower the water moves through your pool equipment, the less resistance is created. This results in less work for the pump, less wear & tear on your pool plumbing and superior filtration.

By slowing down the flow of water, we also cut the electrical usage by eight times. This results in an average energy savings of 65-90%! This is what makes these pumps such an essential addition to any pool – no matter what the size. Every pool has its own filtration demands due to size and features and, as such, each pool is individual; however, these are real world demonstrated results.

Your pool pump is second only to your homes AC or heat pump in electrical energy usage. Replacing your old, outdated single speed pool pump with a new energy saving variable speed pump is one of the quickest home improvement paybacks you can make!

EquipSet-Pentair Pump Installation

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