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Many residents of beautiful Paradise Valley, AZ own a pool. If you have a pool, that means you also have one or more pool filters. Sand filters require a regular schedule of backwashing to assure proper filtration. Our dirt, dust and monsoon seasons make this especially important.

A sand filter works by passing the water through a large bed of sand that is contained in the filter tank. As the water runs through the sand bed, sharp edges on the sand particles actually catch any dirt and debris. When enough dirt has built up in the filter, it is time to backwash. Backwashing reverses the flow of water through the sand bed and carries it out through a waste hose or pipe to a designated area.

Often in newer HOA developments, there is little area to direct this run off to with out making a mess. Fortunatley there are alternatives such as cartridge filters that actually do a better job of filtration and do not require backwashing.

Modern cartridge filters do an excellent job of filtration and are able to catch fine algae spores and dirt particulates. Also since there is no backwashing, there is no regular waste of water.

Modern element design assures quick and efficient cleaning making maintenance an easy task.

Contact us today to learn more about cartridge filter advancements or to simply arrange a repair call for an existing filter.

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