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If you live in Cave Creek, AZ you know that your pool filter has a tough job to do. Between Monsoon season and dirt, it needs to keep the water clean and clear as well as trapping small spore particles to prevent algae and green pools.

It is important to keep your pool filter performing effectively by performing regular maintenance such as regular backwashing or in the case of DE or cartridge filter, a complete teardown.

There is no substitute for this as backwashing alone will only remove a small portion of Diatomaceous Earth and dirt. The addition of more DE and more dirt accumulation without a regular filter disassembly can create a bridging condition between the grids causing poor filtration, excessive pressure build up and then grid collapse and tearing of the fabric.

Backwashing is meant as occasional quick clean only. It is not a replacement for a regular teardown schedule.

Fully Stocked Service Vehicles Permit On-The-Spot & Emergency Pool Repairs In Most Cases


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