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Saltwater System Sales & Service

Providing Saltwater System Sales and Repair. We have access to all major makes and models and can diagnose and troubleshoot any malfunctioning system. We also provide replacement salt cells to keep your salt pool functioning smoothly.

In addition to the full range of pool equipment repairs that we offer, we also happen to specialize in saltwater pool systems and do many new installations in the Scottsdale area. The salt systems are a great way to go to really get the maximum enjoyment from your pool.

The reasons are several but a big reason that our customers love their salt chlorination systems is because in addition to not having to purchase and store large quantities of chlorine, the salt used as the catalyst also acts like a buffering agent to the skin, sort of like a protective coating.

This buffering action also gives the pool water that softer mineral feeling as opposed to pool water simply treated with tablet or liquid chlorine. Some people wonder if it is like swimming in the ocean but it really isn’t anywhere near that high of a salt level. Ocean water is about 35,000 parts per million salinity while most salt pool will contain approx. 3-4000 PPM of salinity. It is detectable but more on the level of a tear.

Because the pool water makeup in Scottsdale tends to be high in calcium, the softening of the water via the saltwater system so to speak, really does make a difference in the overall swimming comfort level. Red eyes as well as itching skin are usually eliminated as well as those are usually the culprit of too high a dose of chlorine administered by manual chlorination.

A big plus is that the standard maintenance isn’t really that much more complex than regular pool chemistry so there should be nothing too complex to scare a homeowner away from all the benefits that come with a saltwater pool.

Scottsdale Saltwater Equipment, Installation and Repair

HydroBlue Pools provides service to Scottsdale, AZ for all makes and models of salt pool and saltwater systems. Saltwater pool systems offer many benefits over traditional pools; less maintenance, less chlorine and better-feeling skin and hair. For these reasons, saltwater installations have increased in popularity in recent years.

We have been in business since 1999 and have extensive local knowledge & understanding of the saltwater pool system process. We provide on site diagnosis and carry a full stock of replacement parts allowing us to complete most repairs on our initial service call.

If you have difficulty maintaing the proper water balance with you saltwater pool system and feel you are spending excessive time with adjustments and salt cell cleaning, give us a call for a brief poolside learning session to help make maintenance simple and allow you to get the most from your system.

Don’t get angry, just get an in-depth understanding of how to keep things in proper balance. We are here to help you enjoy your pool to the fullest extent.

Fully Stocked Service Vehicles Allow On-The-Spot & Emergency Pool Repairs (in most cases).