Saltwater PH Control

  • Stop Fighting Salt Pool pH
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Eliminate Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Trouble Free Operation
  • Get the Most From Your Salt System
  • Affordably Priced

With our extensive experience with saltwater pool systems, HydroBlue Pools can help you make your saltwater system a breeze to maintain. Saltwater pool systems offer many tremendous benefits including lower exposure to harsh chlorine, elimination of red eyes and itchy skin, and no more trips to the pool store for pool chemicals. Pool sanitization through chlorine generator electrolysis provides an incredibly enjoyable swimming experience. There are a few side issues though that need to be addressed to assure your salt system continues to perform to your expectations.

As the salt in the pool is converted to chlorine through electrolytic action that takes place in the salt cell, the pH will tend to increase. This increase in pH must be kept in check for a few reasons. First is that chlorine is pH dependent and will become less effective as the pH increases. For chlorine to be most effective, our aim is to keep our pH at about 7.5.   Secondly, the calcium that occurs naturally in the pool water will tend to attach itself to the blades of the salt cell. Unchecked, this calcium can build up to the point that the cell must be removed and manually cleaned. Continued manual cleaning can hasten cell degradation as the protective coating on the cell blades is stripped. When the pH is kept in the proper range, we can totally eliminate this buildup eliminating manual cell cleaning to achieve maximum life from your salt cell.

pH control works by automating the addition of muriatic acid to the pool directly into the return line plumbing.  Large, potentially damaging doses of acid are now a thing of the past.

Sensor probe equipped or manual pH control gets you back in the swim easily and means less time spent with pool water maintenance chores. Essential for homeowners taking care of their own salt system pools. Taking automatic control of acid dosing will also greatly extend the life of your salt cell as well as give you much more consistent sanitization.

Our own DIY Pool Guy pH control system is very affordable and simple to use. Get automated for a very reasonable cost. We’ll get you back into the pool, not tending to it.