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All About Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools are an environmentally friendly option for people who prefer a smaller amount of chemicals in traditional pools. Though salt water pools still utilize chlorine, a salt water system eliminates the weekly process of a chlorine shock (tablet or liquid). Instead, a salt chlorine generator constantly produces chlorine to sanitize the pool, keeping the water fresh and clean.

Benefits of Salt Water

For its cleansing properties, chlorine is an abrasive substance that tends to irritate the eyes and the skin. Salt water pool systems drastically reduce the amount of chlorine used in a pool, making the water softer and more pleasant for swimmers.

Salt water pool systems produce chlorine using salt, which gives the water a far less harsh texture to your eyes, hair, and skin. The salinity of salt water protects your hair and skin from loss of moisture.

Along with benefits to your skin and hair, salt water pool systems eliminate the unpleasant chlorine smell and also the amount of work to maintain a pool with chlorine. At the same time, they neutralize the strong smell of being in a treated pool: salt water pool systems contain only 1/10th the salinity of ocean water, which means your swimming experience will be neutral in terms of smell.

Salt water pool systems are also a time saver. With traditional pools, maintenance of clean water requires a weekly shock of chlorine. A salt water pool system, on the other hand, generates chlorine through salt, eliminating the amount of work you must do each week to keep your pool water clean. This low-maintenance option saves you less time cleaning, and gives you more time to swim!

How to Make the Switch

Salt water pools are powered by salt chlorine generators, a self-sustained system which requires minimal work and eliminates the major cost of purchasing chlorine. As such, salt water pools have become a popular option for pool owners, with environmental and healthy advantages.

To make the switch to a salt water pool system, contact us at HydroBlue Pool Service and Repair.

HydroBlue Pools Salt Water Equipment, Installation, Service & Repair

HydroBlue Pools provides service to Gilbert, AZ for all makes and models of salt pool systems. Since 1999, HydroBlue Pools has provided Gilbert pool owners with on-site diagnosis and repairs, complete with a full stock of replacement parts. Often times, we are able to make most repairs at the initial service call.

Maintaining the proper water balance with a salt water pool system often times requires adjustments and salt cell cleaning. If you are experiencing difficulty with this process, or find that you are spending excessive time with maintenance, give us a call for a brief poolside learning session to help make maintenance simple.

HydroBlue Pool Service & Repair is equipped with fully-stocked service vehicles and is available for on-the-spot and emergency pool repairs, usually in the same day. Contact us if you have questions about your salt water pool.

We are here to help you get the most out of your salt water pool system!