Pool Service, Cleaning and Maintenance Services

We Specialize in Salt Water Pools

Regular Weekly Maintenance Service Available For Saltwater Pools Only.

  • Regular weekly service
  • We maintain, you enjoy
  • Water-safe family
  • Equipment maintained
  • Proper water balance
  • Pre-emptive care

Saltwater Pool Service


Per MonthWater Test

Chemical Addition & Adjust

Metal Stain Preventative

Monthly Phosphate Treatment

Water Polish Addition

Surface Netting

Tile Soap & Brush

Vacuum as Needed

Empty Debris Baskets

Equipment O-Ring Check & Lube

Sand Filter Backwash as Needed

2 x Cartridge Filter or DE Filter Teardown Annually

Owning a pool in the Phoenix Metro area and East Valley is almost a necessity; maintaining the pool is an absolute necessity. Regular maintenance and water treatment must be performed at least once a week to avoid problems and protect the pool. In the warmer months, algae may grow very quickly and get out of control, turning your pool into a green swamp, if it is not taken care of early on. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool prevents bacterial growth, which is easily transmittable in water and would otherwise cause infections in swimmers. As a pool owner, there are regular maintenance tasks you can undertake to keep your pool clean and clear – but we understand that you may get busy. For regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure your pool’s integrity and cleanliness, Hydroblue Pool offers professional pool maintenance services in the Phoenix Metro area and East Valley.

Keeping Your Pool Blue

A clear, blue pool on a warm day is a sight to behold. In the Phoenix Metro are and East Valley, many pool owners battle with algae, which often grow in warmer months and leads to green – sometimes black – swampy pool water. With regular pool maintenance services, Hydroblue Pool catches and eradicates algae early on, to prevent overgrowth. We also tackle pools that have been overrun with algae. Pools are an excellent investment to your home’s value; protecting this investment means keeping it beautiful and inviting. If your pool looks like something out of a horror film, give us a call and we can restore the pool to its original, pristine beauty.

Safety and Sanitation

Pools can collect bacteria and mosquitoes, and become a breeding ground for water-borne infection. If your pool is a popular hangout spot and you host many swimmers, the risk for bacterial growth and infection rises. Proper water sanitation is extremely important to avoid serious illnesses from water-borne bacterial infections. Ear, nose, and throat infections are especially common in younger swimmers, when a pool has not been properly sanitized. In the Phoenix Metro area and East Valley, rising reports of mosquito-transmitted West Nile Virus has been linked to stagnant pool water. Hydroblue Pools tests water levels and maintains a proper pH balance for you and all of your swimmers, to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pool Maintenance

At Hydroblue Pools, we are familiar with the challenges of maintaining a pool and the attention required for proper upkeep. Your pool is a sanctuary, a place to exercise, socialize, and relax. Proper maintenance of a pool requires at least an hour of your day – to skim and clean the water, run your filters, clear out algae and other debris, and test your water levels. With regular maintenance service from Hydroblue Pools, your time will be freed up for swimming in the pool – rather than cleaning it!

Proper water sanitization is also extremely important in order to avoid serious illness which can be caused by bacteria in water. Ear, nose & throat infections especially in younger children can originate from improperly or under sanitized water.

Properly maintaining pools in the extreme temperatures that the Phoenix Metro area experiences can present some serious challenges as most who have tried to maintain their own pools have discovered. It is essential that certain areas be addressed and each pool properly evaluated for any existing areas in need of attention. If they are not, the obligatory “disappearing pool man syndrome” may occur in which either the pool man gets frustrated or the homeowner loses patience and either way, the pool man disappears. We know how to deal with these challenges, and areas that may be in need of attention will be discussed. We don’t make promises we can’t keep.