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If you live in Scottsdale, AZ you know that a properly operating swimming pool or spa pump motor is the heart of the system. It runs for hours every day of the month, year in and year out. Its job is to move water from the pool to the filter, where the microscopic debris is trapped, and then to the heater, if so equipped, and back to the pool. This, coupled with a sanitizer, is what keeps your water clean and safe.

various pool pumpsOccasionally, and not surprising, this heart of the system may need some maintenance. Problems such as noise or leaking may develop, indicating it may be time for new motor bearings or a new shaft seal. Both of these parts could produce either symptom. This is where HydroBlue Pools can help. We provide pool pump repairs to Scottsdale homeowners.

If your pool or spa pump is in need of repair, give us a call. We will schedule a service call and a qualified technician can complete the repair, usually the same day.

Fully Stocked Service Vehicles Permit On-The-Spot & Emergency Pool Repairs In Most Cases

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Give us a call and Owner/Operator Les Greenfield will give you an estimate on pool pump repair or replacement.

Answers to Common Questions:

While we are talking about pool pump repair in the Scottsdale area, keep in mind that an APS program still exists and can earn you $100 back on the purchase of a new variable speed pool pump. Replacing your existing pump can save you up to $60 off your monthly electric bill in many cases.

We are often asked if it is essential to replace a noisy pump that has motor bearing issues. Often times the answer is no, it is not necessary. Many times we can actually rebuild your existing pump motor.

Every situation is different and will depend on the age and condition of the current motor. If the motor is showing signs of corrosion, then it may be a better investment to replace it with a complete new pump. The energy savings garnered usually will quickly offset the expenditure making it beneficial.

In the case of a motor in fairly good condition, but is running noisy, we can usually rebuild the motor and have it back in operation fairly quickly. After a service call is scheduled at your convenience, we will come and remove the motor and take it back to our shop where we can do a bench repair on it. Windings will be checked and bearings replaced and the motor cleaned and put back into good working order.

We then return to your location and replace the pump seal and any necessary o-rings on the pump housing. At this point the unit will be refilled with water so as to prime the pump and will be tested to assure correct performance. The total turnaround time for a repair is normally 24-48 hours depending on our schedule and the season. A one year warranty applies to give you piece of mind.