Pool Pump Repair in Phoenix, AZ


Pool Pump: Heart of the System

pool pump motorsIf you own a pool in Phoenix, AZ, then you’ll know that a properly operating swimming pool or spa pump motor is at the heart of the system. Dust and debris from the desert inevitably makes its way to your pool water. The pool pump runs for hours, every day of the month, year in and out, moving water from the pool to the filter. This process traps microscopic debris, and then returns clean water through the heater (if your pool is equipped with one) and back to the pool. With a sanitizer, the pool pump keeps your water safe and clean.

Occasionally, as the workhorse of the pool system, your pool pump will require maintenance. At HydroBlue Pools, we provide pool pump repair to keep pools in Phoenix clean and clear.


Diagnosis and Trouble Shooting

There are a few common signs that your pool pump is in need of repair.

You may find that the pump is running, but it is not pumping any water. If the pump does not run at all, it may be an electrical issue. There are cases where the pool is powered by insufficient power, which may cause them to overheat.

If the pool is running, and you are noticing more bubbles than normal, that may be a problem. It is also a problem if you find that the water returned to the pool does not look any cleaner, with visible debris. At the same time, if the pool pump has been running for too long without the lubrication of water, the mechanical seal may burn out.


Noisy Pool Pump Motor

Most pool pumps will last an average of eight years before they require maintenance, rebuilding or replacing. If a pool pump motor is noisy, there may be a problem with the front or rear bearings (or both). We can repair these parts for you to prevent the pool pump from screeching.


Pump Leaks/Pumps Not Priming

Priming is a process in which water flows through the pump at a speed which creates suction and pressure. If you find that your pump is not priming, it may be a problem with different parts of the pump, whether it is a clog or a part in need of replacement. Leaky pumps are also caused by equipment problems, perhaps a worn mechanical seal.


HydroBlue Pool Pump Repair in Phoenix, AZ

les greenfield hydroblue ownerHydroBlue Pools provides diagnosis of pool pump problems, whether it is a noise or a leak. We’ll identify whether it is time for new motor bearings or a new shaft seal. If you are noticing problems with your pool pump, contact us at HydroBlue Pools. Our technicians are equipped with fully stocked service vehicles and are available for on-the-spot and emergency pool repairs, usually in the same day.



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