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Arizona is home to a large population of winter visitors also known as “snowbirds”. Gilbert Arizona specifically has seen a large increase in second home purchases by winter visitors. Pools with a heater are usually high on the list of those who only spend the cooler months here. Since the weather during the months of December through March tends to be relatively mild, consequently, the pool water will usually be too cold to swim in. Most people tend to agree that an average temperature of about 82 degrees is optimal for swimming comfort.

We are often asked by new homeowners if their pool heater needs any safety check or maintenance repair before use. This is always a great idea especially if the previous owner neglected or did not use it much. Oftentimes it is simply a matter of clearing yard debris that has worked its way into the heater cabinet. If a buildup is severe we have seen cases where a fire can develop so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Spiders and rodents can also make themselves at home due to the dark environment. Rodents have a way of chewing through wiring and causing extensive damage to the heater so preventative maintenance is always a cheap form of insurance.

A little pre-planning means that you also reduce the likelihood of a failure at the most inopportune time, such as when the grandkids are coming over for a pool party or your out of town guests just can’t wait to use the pool.

Standard service calls are very reasonable at $125 and offer peace of mind that the heater will work properly and most importantly, safely when called into action.

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If you live in Gilbert, AZ you know that a swimming pool or spa heater can give you maximum enjoyment when operating properly, but when the heater fails to ignite or begins to take longer to do the job, a service call may be necessary. Heater repairs can be caused by a faulty ignition module or failed thermostat control or even due to rodent or spider damage. Today’s technologically advanced low nox heaters feature complex internal operating systems.

At HydroBlue Pools we have the knowledge and experience to fix your heater properly. We provide pool heater repair to homeowners in Gilbert. We have extensive industry and manufacturer educational training hours in the diagnosis and repair of today’s newer heaters, as well as older ones still in service. Call us today to schedule a service call.

Fully Stocked Service Vehicles Permit On-The-Spot & Emergency Pool Repairs In Most Cases