Healthy Swim (Ozone)

Why Consider Ozone?

  • Healthy Swim
  • Greatly Reduce Chemical Exposure
  • Eliminate Odors & Harshness
  • Swim In Purified Water
  • Essential For Those With Eczema, Psoriasis or Asthma
  • Rid Water Of Organic Contaminants
  • Achieve Sub Tap Water Chlorine Levels
  • The Ultimate In Water Quality
  • Ozone Pool No Clorine

    This pool has less chlorine than your tap water!

  • CD 12 Ozone Pool System

    CD12 Ozone System for Clean Water

We are often asked if there are ways to reduce swimming pool chlorine exposure. The answer is a resounding, YES! Interest in ozonated pools may stem from health concerns regarding exposure to chlorine due to dermatological issues such as Eczema, or Psoriasis, or recent study results connecting Asthma to chlorine exposure. Perhaps you are simply looking to provide a more enjoyable bathing experience. Adding an ozone system will pay huge dividends in water quality improvement.

Ozone sanitization is used extensively throughout commercial water treatment and pool facilities because it works. The same process used in the larger applications can also be applied to residential pools on a smaller scale.

Ozone is oxygen with an extra atom attached. It is introduced into the pool water in a gaseous state and is actually a more powerful sanitizer & oxidizer than even chlorine. With ozone, we are effectively providing not just sanitized, but purified and drinkable water. A properly configured system will allow sub tap water levels of chlorine to be achieved.

Systems are customizable for specific needs and budget. Give us a call to discuss how ozone will improve your swimming experience.

“We spend a lot of time in our pool and had hoped the saltwater system would give us the low levels of chlorine we wanted for health reasons. That’s what we kept asking from our previous pool service but they just could never get it right.

So we looked for a specialist and were fortunate enough to land on HydroBlue. The ozone system HydroBlue Pools put in is giving us the cleanest, clearest and safest water of any pool I have ever been in.

It is a pleasure to have a pool we can enjoy without all those nagging concerns. And it is a pleasure to have a company we can trust to keep it that way.”

– Klein Family, Scottsdale

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