Chemical Automation

Omnilogic chemical automation

Taking control of your pool with chemical automation can make maintenance much easier to accomplish for many situations. Pools that have a high bather demand, high-end residential pools and commercial pools can all benefit from having a pool chemical controller added to the equipment.

Properly configured controllers can often eliminate water quality problems or help pools that seem to be a problem to maintain. Controllers can cut chemical costs by monitoring water and only adding chemicals when needed. They eliminate under or over chlorination and the problems that come with inconsistent sanitization by continually monitoring the chlorine and pH levels through the use of electric sensor probes. The probes then send a signal to the saltwater cell or chlorine and acid supply pump to activate a chemical dose automatically.

We carry chlorine and pH controller systems as well as units that are specifically designed for saltwater pool use. We have controllers for both residential and commercial applications. Our simple to use pH only controllers are terrific for residential saltwater pool applications and are very affordable.

Some pool builders in the Phoenix area are now offering residential controllers such as Pentair’s IntelliChem or Haywards Sense & Dispense as options on their new pool builds. If you have one of these systems and are having problems finding competent pool service people that are familiar with these systems, give us a call. We know how these systems work and can service your controller equipped pool. We also offer regular calibration and maintenance services and repair.

Give us a call today to handle any of your chemical controller needs or to answer any questions you may have.

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