Winter Pool Maintenance

Tips for Winter Pool Maintenance

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Swimming pools are excellent investments for your body, mind, and home value, and they require care year round. If you’ve decided to get a pool heater and are using your pool this winter, then you will upkeep regular maintenance of your pool all winter long. However, if you’ve decided to close up the pool for winter, keep in mind that there are regular winter maintenance tasks to ensure that your pool will be pristine when you unveil it in springtime. These tasks also save you money and time in the warmer months.

Here are Hydroblue Pool’s tips for winter pool maintenance!


Inspect your pool for damage, leaks, or cracks.

Before you close up your pool for winter, check for any damage in the pool. The fluctuation of temperatures between autumn, winter, and spring will worsen any existing damage in the pool. Call us at Hydroblue Pools for an inspection and repairs before winter comes.

Maintain pH balance in water.

Test your water’s pH balance before closing up. The recommended pH level for pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6. If the pH balance is off before you close up the pool, this provides a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. You will also want to regularly check the pH balance through the winter months. Treat the pool water with the appropriate chemicals to maintain the proper pH balance before closing up, and also intermittently during winter.

Clean the pool and filter.

Thoroughly scrub the pool and empty the filter, removing all debris and deposits, before closing the pool. You may want to administer a shock treatment to the pool and run the filter for a few hours before closing up. The shock treatment will help to eradicate any microorganisms that may linger and cause you more problems down the line.

Use a pool cover.

A pool cover simultaneously protects your water from evaporating and guards it from debris such as dirt, dust, leaves, plants, bugs, etc. Make sure there are no tears and rips in the pool cover.

Run the filter once a day.

Even if you are not using the pool during winter, remember to run the filter for three to four hours each day, and remove any debris that collects. Water circulation from the pool filter helps rid the pool of algae, mosquitoes, and other debris that may collect – even with a pool cover. Regularly check your pool filter skimmer basket to remove waste.

Check your pool thoroughly once a week.

Though the pool is not in use, you will still want to inspect the pool weekly for damage or cracks in the pool surface. Be sure to check that your pool equipment is running properly, especially if temperatures have dipped. If temperatures fall very low, the water may freeze in the pool filtration system, which you will want to catch early for preventative reasons. For this reason, regularly running the filter is important to keep pipes from freezing and being damaged. Additionally, regularly check the water’s pH level through the winter months. Adjust pH levels and administer shock treatments as necessary, depending on the condition of your pool in winter.


Like some help with these tasks? We can help.

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