The Benefits of Salt Water Pools Phoenix arizona

The Benefits of Salt Water Pools

In Arizona Swimming Pool Blog by Les Greenfield, Owner / Operator

Enjoy your pool even more this summer with a Salt Water System

Some things never change. Arizona Monsoons in June, the flowers after rain and the thermostat laughing at you every summer. One of the best ways to survive a brutal Arizona summer like the one we have this year is to jump into a cool, refreshing swimming pool. So what if you’re allergic to the chlorine, and what if it burns your eyes? Let’s not even get started on the effect it can have on your expensive bikini.
Enter the saltwater swimming pool system. Saltwater can solve all of those problems and many others. From being better for your hair and skin to eliminating the unpleasant chlorine smell to saving on the backbreaking maintenance work, a saltwater system is a great alternative to chlorine. Learn more about the benefits of salt water below.
Say goodbye to the chlorine smell.
Remember the last time you washed a load of towels that had been used poolside? Or worse, opened a bag with wet swimsuits… from last week? The scent of chlorine has an incredible way of permeating your swimsuits and towels. For those who transition to a salt water system, the disappearance of that tell-tale chlorine smell is what they often notice first. No more toxic odor from your pool towels and no more smelling like a chemical factory when you get out of the water. It is also important to note they -a saltwater pool only contains about one-tenth of the salinity of ocean water, so you won’t just be trading one smell for another. For those with sensitive noses, this is great news.
Say hello to silky skin and hair.
With a saltwater chlorination system, you and your swimming pool guests can enjoy the silky “soft water” feel similar to that of a water softening system that is typically installed in modern homes. A saltwater pool is not chlorine free technically speaking, it just produces chlorine using salt so it’s far less harsh. When you dry off after a swim in a traditional swimming pool you’ll notice how dry and flaky your skin feels. You might also notice how tangled your hair is. If you or your swimmers are blonde, you’ll no doubt begin to see the green hue developing from the exposure to all that harsh chlorine in the water. Not so with a saltwater system. The salinity protects hair and skin from loss of moisture so you can enjoy the refreshment of swimming without the skin reactions that have always occurred in the past.
More time swimming… less time maintaining.
Everyone understand that it’s not enough to just install a swimming pool in your backyard. A lot of consistent upkeep is required to keep your pool a beautiful shade of blue. Saltwater pools offer the added benefit of requiring less maintenance overall. This perk is thanks to the fact that salt does not evaporate like chlorine does. Adding either salt or chlorine to the pool management system can be laborious given the weight of the bags. Thankfully, saltwater pools do not require additives anywhere near as often as a traditional pool. When you do need to add to your pool, it’s just salt. Not chemicals that require careful storage and use. Bonus: salt costs less than any of those hard to pronounce chemical additives!

If you purchase a saltwater system strictly to protect your hair from turning green or whether you’re searching for a lower maintenance option, saltwater is the way to go. With so many benefits, many Arizonans are choosing to convert their chlorinated pools to saltwater. At Hydroblue Pools, we are highly experienced at installing quality salt water systems in pools across the valley. We invite you to contact us today for more information.

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