Tips on trouble shooting your pool heater.

How to Troubleshoot Your Pool Heater

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Pool Heater Not Working?
Tips on How to Troubleshoot Your Pool Heater.

Pool heaters make it possible for you to use your swimming pool year round, keeping water temperatures comfortable and warm. For the convenience they offer, pool heaters are also the most complicated pieces of equipment for your pool. If you find your pool heater malfunctioning, there are a few things you can do to locate the source of the problem and to troubleshoot. However, we recommend that you contact us for maintenance, as pool heaters are sensitive machines that may also be a safety hazard if you do not have experience with electrical or gas components.

Is it on?

Sure, it’s simple but this is always the first question with any piece of machinery. Check to make sure your pool heater is on and that the thermostat is set to the desired temperature. Often times, cleaning the filter, readjusting the thermostat, and restarting the heater will get it working again. Restarting the heater is often times the solution.

If the heater will not turn on or stay on, check the valves to make sure fuel is being supplied to the heater (for gas pool heaters); or check the electrical components to make sure that there is no damage or corrosion (for electric heaters). You may also want to check the transformer for proper voltage supply. If you are comfortable replacing electronic components, perhaps replacing different parts as necessary may help with your pool heater.

With gas heaters, you’ll want to check to make sure the pilot light is on. Low gas pressure or air supply may be the cause of a pilot that will not light, or perhaps there is flooding of water into the heater. Call for professional maintenance in the case of leaks.

Filters, flows, and low temperatures

You may find that the water does not reach the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat, even if the pool heater is on. In other cases, the pool heater may shut off before the water has been warmed to the correct temperature. In these cases, you may want to check your pool’s filter. A dirty filter reduces the water pressure in your pool and the pressure switch will turn off the heater. Clean the pool filter and restart the system, setting the heater to run for a longer period of time. Check to make sure that your pool system valves are set to filter water through the heater.

In some cases, your pool heater may be a disproportionate size to your pool. Generally, pool heaters are installed based on the size of your pool. If you find that your heater is consistently underperforming, you may want to reconsider the size of the heater. Check your pool heater manual to determine the correct size and performance capabilities.

Also, consider getting a pool cover for times in which the pool is not in use, to protect the water from drastically dropping in temperature in cold months.

Noises, leaks, etc.

Your pool heater may be acting up and making different noises. Check the connections of hoses to make sure everything is secure. A backed up filter and blockages may also cause different noises due to growing pressure within the system. Check for any blockages and back-flush the water to clear it out. If you cannot locate the cause of noise in your pool hear, call a professional repair person. If the pool heater is leaking water or shows signs of growing rust, call us for repair.


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