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A Case for Salt Water Pools

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Salt water pools are a popular option for people who prefer environmentally friendly pools that utilize a smaller amount of chemicals found in traditional pools. A pool that looks its best has been treated with the proper amount of chlorine. Maintaining the proper chlorine level is a regular task for a pool owner. With a salt chlorine generator, pool owners save time and energy on maintaining the chlorine level in the pool. The main benefit of a salt chlorine generator is the elimination of a weekly chlorine shock; the generator is constantly producing chlorine to sanitize the pool.


A Case for Salt Water 

Salt water pools use less chlorine than normal pools, and although they are not entirely free of chlorine or chemicals, but the benefit of using a salt water system is a “softer” feel, which makes your skin and eyes feel better.  Salt chlorine generators eliminate the regular need to add chlorine to a pool (whether in the form of a tablet or liquid).

Instead, salt is used in the chemical process to produce chlorine, on a regular basis, to sanitize the pool. As a result, pool swimmers note that there is no longer a strong smell of chlorine and less irritation.

Additionally, for pool owners, salt chlorine generators eliminate maintenance time. Though pool owners will still be required to check on pH levels and to make a weekly check that salt levels are maintained, there is little else to do. This low-maintenance option is attractive – and it saves pool owners hundreds of dollars on chemicals a year.


What to Watch Out For

Pool owners should still check pH levels a weekly basis and make adjustments accordingly. After heavy storms, a chlorine shock may still be necessary to prevent any unwanted bacteria and algae growth.

Certain materials may react poorly to corrosive elements of the chloride ion. However, most parts are easily replaced and maintaining a proper balance eliminates this problem. Check with us to make sure your pool’s components are compatible with a salt chlorine system.

Pool owners are advised to periodically check to make sure that there is still salt in the system. Without salt, the process of producing chlorine in the generator does not work properly and may lead to an improper balance of chlorine in the pool.


How Does it Work?


Essentially, a salt chlorine generator is a contained system that generates the supply of chlorine to sanitize your pool water. Through the wonders of science and technology, a salt chlorine generator transforms salt into chlorine for your pool. On average, to get the process started, pool water must have 3,000 parts per million of salt. Salt water will pass through the salt cell in the salt chlorine generator. A low-voltage direct current is applied to the salt water, initiating electrolysis, which breaks salt and water into hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. While hydrogen dissipates, the hpychlorous acid – otherwise known as chlorine – sanitizes the pool, becomes salt again, and repeats the cycle.

Salt chlorine generators are a self-sustained system, which requires minimal work and eliminates major costs of purchasing chlorine for the pool owner. Installing a salt water pool has become a popular option for homeowners, as it comes with many environmental and healthful advantages. 


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