5 Benefits of Owning a Pool

5 Benefits of Owning a Pool

In Arizona Swimming Pool Blog by Les Greenfield, Owner / Operator

Those who own swimming pools in their own homes will attest to the many benefits. Aside from increasing your property value, which the National Association of Realtors estimates to be a 5% increase, a swimming pool offers many health benefits, physically and emotionally.

#5) Water is a natural stress reliever.

Why do most people take vacations to a beach or an island? Being near water is a natural way for us to unwind. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, perhaps just sitting at the edge of the pool and watching the quiet ripples of crisp, clear water may help with meditation. The weightlessness of floating in water helps relax our muscles and helps us let go of the stress that lead up to this moment.

#4) Your personal pool is cleaner than a public one.

Though most park districts and public pools do a great job of keeping public pools clean, there are always health risks such as E. coli and Athlete’s Foot. Additionally, the Center for Disease Control found in a recent study that 58% of public pools contained fecal matter. With your own personal pool, you maintain the cleanliness with your own chemicals. When your pool is installed, you receive information on pool maintenance and key tips on signs the pool needs to be cleaned. Your pool will most likely be less populated than a public pool, which means there is less risk for certain bacteria to spread.

#3) Enrich your social life.

Who doesn’t love a pool party? Let’s be honest, with a pool, you’ll probably see a whole lot more of your friends and family during the warm months. If you are a parent with teenagers, you may have begun to experience a little empty nest syndrome with your kids out and about all day long. With a pool, your kids might want to have their friends over more often. And, in this day and age, everyone is plugged into at least one smart phone or personal electronic device. A pool is the perfect place to catch up and be present with one another without technology – especially because they aren’t waterproof!

#2) Swimming is great exercise.

Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise, and it also takes stress off your bones and joints as you might experience in running or cycling.  Even if you are not an avid swimmer, there are many exercises you can do in the pool that are low-stress but effective. The water offers a natural resistance that works your muscles, and you can even “jog” or “run” in the water with water shoes, that help you maintain traction with the bottom of the pool.

#1) You and your loved ones will sleep better:

The water in pools is usually cooler, which increases the energy your body must expend to maintain a regular temperature. In addition to the physical activity of being in a pool, this will naturally tire your body out and improve your sleep. This is especially great for families with small, active children who have a tough time getting to bed. Have some family pool time, and then get a good night’s sleep!