4 Reasons to Get a Pool Heater This Winter

In Arizona Swimming Pool Blog by Les Greenfield, Owner / Operator

4 Reasons to install a pool heater

Winter is coming, but that’s no reason to steer clear of the pool and stay cooped up indoors. Even though the desert chills in the winter months, consider transforming your pool into an outdoor oasis with a pool heater. A pool heater opens up your pool as a warm retreat any time of day in the winter months, for a number of uses:

1) Social

Pool parties don’t have to end as soon as the weather gets cold. With a pool heater, you can host pool parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve!

2) Health

With winter comes the heavy feasting of the holidays. Warm up your pool and swim a few laps to get your appetite going before heading back in to carve the turkey. Your pool is a great investment in maintain your physical well-being – why not access it year round?

3) Relaxation

Bodies of water have been proven to be a source of relaxation in times of stress and anxiety. One of the joys of owning a pool is unpacking the day and floating weightlessly while letting your troubles melt away. A pool heater turns your pool into a relaxing space all year round.

4) Value

With a pool heater, your pool is in use 100% of the time. Make the most of your investment with year round access!

Installing a pool heater transforms your pool into a year-round space for socializing, exercise, and relaxation and makes the most of your investment. Pool heaters come in electric and gas models.  Electric pool heaters are also known as heat pumps. Heat pumps are a terrific option for heating your pool when no existing gas line exists. Heat pumps are also very economical, typically costing a third less to run than gas heaters.  Additionally, electric pool heaters have advanced technologically beyond gas heaters and often require less maintenance and repair.

mastertemp pool heater ScottsdaleThe size of your pool will determine the level of power you’ll need in a pool heater. Most pool heaters are energy efficient and easy to install, and on average, they are capable of heating an 800-gallon pool by as much as 30 to 85 degrees in a short amount of time. This efficiency means you will not have to keep the heater running all day – simply start up the heater an hour or two before you decide to swim. If you use a pool cover during days where the pool is not in use, this helps maintain the pool’s temperature at a warmer level and is an energy-efficient option in the cooler months while the heater is not in use. Some pool heaters come with remote controls for ease of access, as well as LED control panels.

If you are considering a pool heater, contact us at Hydroblue Pools. We will provide you with the proper analysis of your pool size to determine the best pool heater options. A heater that is too large for your pool will use a lot of energy to do the same work a smaller heater would. In this process, we factor in the frequency of usage, desired temperature, and surface area to determine the most economical options for you. Our experienced team can install a new pool heater for your Arizona pool and get you and your family swimming this winter. Call us today at 480-203-4376 to get your pool warm for winter!